Gabriola Vegeteers


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Ernie Approved Thanksgiving Menu

The Good Shepherd Pie

Aquafaba Mayo

Cashew Cream 
The perfect replacement for cream. Can be made savoury or sweet.

Coconut Bacon Bites
Perfect for topping salads

Vegan Bacon, 6 Ways

BC Author and Vegan Dreena Burton’s Plant Powered Kitchen
A wonderful source for healthful mostly gluten-free, all vegan recipes

Healthy Happy Life Recipes
Flavourful, easy and delicious recipes

Keepin’ It Kind
Family-friendly recipes

Oh She Glows Recipes
Healthful recipes with amazing dessert recipes from a Canadian blogger

The Minimalist Baker
Simple vegan recipes with 10 ingredients or less

The PPK Recipes
Exciting and delicious recipes from famed cookbook author Isa Chandra Moskowitz

Vegan Richa
Diverse recipes with many allergen-friendly options

Vegan Yack Attack
Recipes to impress and inspire!

Vegetarian Times Recipe Index
World’s largest vegetarian recipe collection Vegetarian Recipe Collection
User generated recipe index

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