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Labchuk: If zoos didn’t already exist, we wouldn’t invent them

Whether it’s the Ottawa-area Papanack Zoo, facing allegations of mistreatment of animals, the tiger-whipping Bowmanville Zoo re-opening under a new name or gorilla Harambe shot to death at the Cincinnati Zoo, the dark side of the zoo industry has seldom been more clearly illuminated.

We are getting a glimpse of the immense physical and psychological trauma animals experience while confined in zoos for human entertainment, and many of us now firmly believe their deprivation isn’t worth our fleeting pleasure at seeing them in the flesh.

Labchuk: If zoos didn’t already exist, we wouldn’t invent them

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I’m a meat-lover – and a vegan

I’m a meat-lover and a vegan. The idea of chomping down on some rare flesh doesn’t disgust me, it delights me.

Well, it used to. Now it’s been a while. I didn’t stop eating meat because I didn’t like it – I loved it! I stopped eating meat because I couldn’t justify it any more.

I’m a meat-lover – and a vegan

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Veganism’s next goal: animal-free farming

Sambrano’s generation and younger vegans are embracing activism that goes beyond sharing recipes for dairy-free cupcakes. When it comes to animal rights, Sambrano and her peers are not just content to improve welfare on the farm. They want to move animals out of farms altogether, a daring proposition considering the economic power of U.S. animal farms, with the beef industry alone worth $76 billion and dairy clocking in at $35 billion, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

This radical stance puts them at odds with mainstream movements that work toward improving animal welfare, such as the local, organic food community. To many vegans, the sustainable food movement and its family-owned meat and dairy farms shield the cruelty of farming by making meat fashionable and righteous.

Veganism’s next goal: animal-free farming