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Social Justice All-Star: Jo-Anne McArthur

With a camera in hand, Jo-Anne McArthur travels across the globe with a mission: to advocate for the rights of non-human animals, one photograph at a time. For over close to 15 years, the 38-year-old has photographed animals in a wide-range of situations—many of them dire. While some of her pictures are of rescued animals being nursed back to health and safety, McArthur’s images also capture animals moments before execution, struggling to survive under harsh conditions in farms, factories, aquariums, zoos, and auctions. “The animals that we physically abuse and psychologically abuse by the billions are the animals that are totally ignored by everyone,” she says. “No one wants to look at it because it’s painful.”

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Jo-Anne is the protagonist in the documentary Ghosts In Our Machine

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SeaWorld boss steps down after film hurts attendance

“The aquatic amusement park has struggled to attract visitors in the wake of a 2013 film, Blackfish, which criticised its treatment of killer whales. SeaWorld acknowledged in August that the film had hurt revenues at its San Diego, California park. The company’s share price has fallen 44% this year, and now trades around $16 per share.”

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10 Films That Will Change the Way You See Animals

Documentaries have the power to tell a story and get a different kind of reaction from an audience than words alone. For animal advocates who work on these films, showing us the actual individual lives of animals and how we’re impacting them is a powerful way to reach a broad audience and effect change for those we call our companions and those who are used and killed for food, clothing, entertainment or research.

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