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This Month in Plant-Based Recipes – September 2017

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Recipe: Liv B’s Vegan BBQ ‘Chicken’ Pizza from CBC Life

National Curry Week: 5 Easy Vegan Curry Recipes You Need To Try from Plant Based News

30 vegan recipes even meat eaters will love from

This Gooey, Super-Delicious Cheese Is Actually Vegan from Mind Body Green (3 recipes)

Vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes and tips for throwing a marvelous meat-free feast from CBC Life (it’s a little late but some great inspiration for Christmas and next year)

What Do Vegans Eat? 12 Delicious Vegan Dishes for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner from Reader’s Digest

Aubergine, black-eyed bean and dill curry from The Guardian

1-Pot Vegan Minestrone (gluten-free) from Minimalist Baker

Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Panzanella from Oh She Glows

Chocolate Pumpkin Pie & Festive Chickpea Tart: Vegan Holiday Recipes to Impress! from Dreena Burton

Quinoa Taco Salad from Pickles & Honey

Collard Green Pesto Chickpea Salad Sandwiches from Yup It’s Vegan

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This Month in Veganism – September 2017

A collection of media stories and blog articles related to veganism, animals and activism. Please note, we are not responsible for the content or ads you see on other websites.

Philip Lymbery, chief executive of Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) and the author of Farmageddon and more recently Deadzone, said: “Every day there is a new confirmation of how destructive, inefficient, wasteful, cruel and unhealthy the industrial agriculture machine is. We need a total rethink of our food and farming systems before it’s too late.”

Why factory farming is not just cruel – but also a threat to all life on the planet The Guardian

Overfishing is rapidly devastating marine ecosystems. Experts predict that, if current trends continue, by 2048 there will be a global collapse of all stocks currently fished. Sea lice and other infections from farmed salmon have an impact on numbers and global warming is changing habitat; for example, aquatic temperatures in the Strait of Georgia and Fraser River are one and a half degrees warmer than 50 years ago.

Something fishy by Vesanto Melina, Common Ground

Because it is in bed with sexism and racism, it’s time we break up with the meat industry

Veganism Is Both Personal And Political Manitoba University Paper

Vegans should be encouraged: their choice is high in moral as well as digestive fibre. Their detractors should stop crying over spelt milk.

The Guardian view on veganism: high in moral fibre The Guardian

We caught up with naturalist and best-selling author, Sy Montgomery, to find out what most humans don’t understand about animal intelligence.

What Most Humans Don’t Know About Animal Intelligence: An Interview With Sy Montgomery Care 2 Network

Eating Animals, a new documentary narrated and produced by Academy Award winner Natalie Portman, made its world premiere this weekend at the Telluride Film Festival.

The film, based on a book of the same name by Jonathan Safran Foer, aims to educate viewers about the horrors of animal agriculture by going undercover at factory farms and slaughterhouses and exposing the truth. In 2009 Natalie Portman reported ditching meat, dairy, and eggs after reading Foer’s book. Her film received a standing ovation.

Natalie Portman’s New Documentary About Farmed Animals Gets Standing Ovation Mercy for Animals

Plant-based diets, often cited as a craze driven by millennials, are gaining increasing popularity. According to research by HealthFocus, 60% of consumers are reducing their meat intake – and a massive 17% of 15-70 year olds now follow a ‘predominantly’ plant-based diet. What’s more, 55% of people who start eating a more plant-based diet say they plan to stick with it permanently. What was once called a ‘food fad’ looks like it’s here to stay.

Plant-Based Diets: A Game-Changer For Our Food System, Our People And Our Planet The Huffington Post UK

Thousands have taken to the streets of Tel Aviv in what has been described as the ‘biggest march ever’ for animal rights.

PICTURES: 20,000 Vegan Activists March For Animal Rights In Tel Aviv Plant Based News

“Sadly, though it would be nice if the pro-grazers were right, they aren’t,” says lead author Tara Garnett of the University of Oxford’s Food Climate Research Network. “The truth is, we cannot eat as much meat as we like and save the planet.”

Grass-fed beef is bad for the planet and causes climate change New Scientist

The suffering inherent in mass meat production can’t be justified. And as the artificial meat industry grows, the last argument for farming animals has now collapsed

Goodbye – and good riddance – to livestock farming The Guardian

Today, more and more people are eating animal products such as meat & dairy. Our new report, ‘Appetite for Destruction’, highlights the impact that animal feed production is having on species, habitats and our health.

Vast animal-feed crops to satisfy our meat needs are destroying planet WWF Report & The Guardian

Why do we think that killing animals per se is not morally wrong? Why do we think that death is not a harm for non-human animals?

A ‘humanely’ killed animal is still killed – and that’s wrong


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Gabriola Music Festival 2017 Wrap Up Message

Original post and pictures available here.

An amazing all vegan Gabriola Music Festival.

It was so powerful that the entire event was vegan! It normalized veganism for the people who attended. Because it was a music fest – not a vegfest – most people were music lovers – so just happened upon the food incidentally and found out that it tasted great. It was a small but very successful event – probably 500 people – but those 500 people were all faced with the idea that veganism was the norm, not a weird thing.

All the food trucks and booths served vegan food, there were compassion signs up in various places promising that we would not harm other animals, the musicians and crew were served vegan meals made by Robert – our favourite restaurant owner – throughout the weekend and we didn’t even hear one complaint about it.

Crew from one of our important local farms spent the weekend serving really healthy veg kabobs on rice, served in a cabbage leaf bowl, topped with kimchi and sauce and they were run off their feet with customers. The farmers aren’t vegan and they never would have thought of cooking that way without this opportunity. But it gives them a new perspective on the idea of vegan cooking. They run a produce box program on the island and they provide recipes to go with the produce – that are never vegan. I’ll be interested to see if they start to send some vegan recipes along with the produce in future…we’d be surprised if they don’t.

There was a great raw food demo each day by some funky young women who run a vegan place in Tofino called Earth Mama Love Kitchen Collective – and Vesanto Melina (the dietician who is co-author of Becoming Vegan: Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina and various other plant-based books) gave a presentation each day and then she came and hung out at the Vegeteers booth with her books on display and talked to people about nutrition.
There were several compassion booths there – we had a Vegeteers booth of course, with many volunteers over the two days, there was a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) booth, RASTA Sanctuary had a booth.

We had so many people coming by our Vegeteers booth wanting to talk about changing their diet. It was very helpful that Vesanto was there as a knowledgeable dietician and could have conversations with people about B12, iron, legumes, GMO Foods, etc. She was lovely and I’m sure lots of those people will be putting the info they got from her to use.

We had a vegan gift basket at our booth that was worth about $200 dollars – mostly vegan food donated by our local grocery store Village Food Market – but also one of Vesanto’s cookbooks, a vegeteers “liberation is love” t-shirts, a $50 gift certificate from The Herbivore Clothing Company. Sixty-nine people entered the raffle, so at least that many people stopped at our booth long enough to have a chat and enter the draw. (We spoke to more people but some of the chatters didn’t enter because they were leaving before the draw, etc.)

It was powerful.

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Vegeteers Tour R.A.S.T.A Farm Sanctuary in Chemainus, BC

Thank you to Trish, Alina & Sigrid for documenting the recent trip to R.A.S.T.A 

The Vegeteers tour of R.A.S.T.A Farm Sanctuary was loads of fun and educational as well. Such a wonderful opportunity to get up close and personal with some animals that we may not normally have the opportunity to see. They are very respectful of the animals. The founder, Lucie let everyone know that it is not a petting zoo and that contact will be at the behest of the animals. Lucie also includes a mandatory presentation on factory farming. Coming from Alberta, they have seen some horrors such as terrified horses being auctioned off by the pound. Lucie and her partner were once parked on the side of a highway filming a slaughterhouse when an employee came out with a shotgun and threatened them. They are dedicated, passionate and serious about taking the very best care of the animals in their charge.

Lucie’s presentation was effective. If you were not aware of the inherent cruelty in factory farming you would certainly have your eyes opened.








Lucie provided background on the animals and their rescues. It was heartwarming to see the animals so well loved and cared for.

Penny the Piglet immediately captured everyone’s hearts. She managed to escape off of a truck bound for a slaughterhouse in Saskatchewan. She bravely jumped off at 100 km/hr and was rescued by a man who saw her jump and roll into a ditch. Sometimes it takes a village and that was the case with Penny who had many fans help along the way until she reached her new Mama, Lucie and her fantastic new home at R.A.S.T.A where she will undoubtedly live happily ever after.

Penny-Anne enjoys a close-up with a Piglet






Sage and a Pot Bellied friend







Handsome Turkey






Lucie with Theodore who was rescued off of the floor where he was left to die, not even deemed worthy of becoming veal. Theodore is very gentle and a big boy. If he continues growing, he may end up in the Guinness Book of World Records!







Pirate with his $2,000 prosthetic. Pirate weighs 300 lbs and will grow to be 700lbs. Breeding and use of hormones has caused Pigs to have problems supporting their weight.






Susan and Lisa giving love to miniature donkeys Tango and Romeo. These two came from a petting zoo and were rescued in the nick of time. They were about to be weighed and sold as meat.






Oh, that feels good.







Lucie with Vegeteers







Theodore with admirers














One of two very senior Llamas












Time to go home 🙂

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This Weekend: Gabriola Music Festival

We’re sponsoring the first Gabriola Music Festival! Find us at the Festival, enjoy an array of vegan foods, watch important documentaries, and discover a culture of compassion!

Compassion Series Schedule in The Roxy:

Saturday, September 2
10 am Called to Rescue Screening
12 pm Food Demo from Earth Mama Love Kitchen
1:30 pm Eating for Optimal Health with Vesanto Melina

Sunday, September 3:
10 am Animals and the Buddha Screening
11 am Food Demo from Earth Mama Love Kitchen
12:30 pm Two Steps To Clean Eating with Vesanto Melina, MS, RD

Vegan Food:  The Very Good Butchers, The Bandwagon Food Truck, Accidental Carny Concession, The Vegan Bite, Earth Mama Love Kitchen Collective, and Fox On An Island. 

More details: Gabriola Music Festival