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Mobile vegan food offered in the Comox Valley

For now, they’ve booked the food truck spot with the city through to the end of July. They’ll also be at the new Friday Night Market starting in July in downtown Courtenay, and a few special events such as the Gabriola music festival, and a VIP event at Best Buy the end of this month.

The Bandwagon’s offerings have so far been getting rave reviews on their Facebook page.

Everything is $10 or under and includes a “crispy chicken burger” (made from seitan), a “chicken” ranch wrap, a Reuben sandwich made with seitan and sauerkraut, cauliflower “wings”, poutine made with Daiya cheese substitute and gluten-free gravy (chickpea and rice flour, oil, herbs and spices).

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La Table Suisse Campaign – a New Tool to Raise Awareness of Carnism

In 2016, Beyond Carnism, in collaboration with VEBU, launched a video campaign about “La Table Suisse,” a restaurant that served cats and dogs. The video went viral, sparking an international conversation about the ethics of eating animals.

The campaign won several awards, including the International German PR Award. Now the video has been updated to more directly encourage viewers to reflect on their food choices, and we need your help to spread the message.

We believe that this new version can be an extremely effective way to raise awareness of carnism and veganism.


The Sun Is Setting On Whale And Dolphin Captivity In Canada

Over the last few years, we’ve been watching the sun set on the practice of keeping whales, dolphins and porpoises — or cetaceans — in captive displays.

In Canada, there are only two facilities that still undertake this cruel practice: Marineland — a for-profit amusement park currently in court answering to 11 animal cruelty charges and no longer accredited within the industry — and Vancouver Aquarium, whose landlord has voted 6-1 to ban the import and display of cetaceans on its land.

The Sun Is Setting On Whale And Dolphin Captivity In Canada