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The SARS Coronavirus and Wet Markets from Michael Greger

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This is the 2nd in a 17-video series on pandemics and COVID-19. This features the role live animal markets and the trade in exotic animals have played in the emergence of deadly coronavirus outbreaks.

First, we looked at Where Do Deadly Coronaviruses Like MERS-CoV Come From?

We continue exploring the sources of these viruses next, in: Where Did the COVID-19 Coronavirus Come From? The Last Coronavirus Pandemic May Have Been Caused by Livestock You can download the whole series (for free) right now here and take an even deeper dive in my new book How to Survive a Pandemic (note: all my proceeds from this book are donated to pandemic prevention charities such as the Good Food Institute (, Plant-Based Foods Association (, A Well-Fed World (, and the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (

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