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Beyond Burger Across Canada

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In yet another sign of the increasing demand for meat-free foods, the Beyond Burger has nearly sold out across Canada in just a few days!

On July 9, fast-food giant A&W launched the vegan Beyond Burger in nearly 1,000 of its Canadian locations. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with some stores simply unable to keep up with the demand.

The partnership with A&W is Beyond Meat’s biggest so far — the fast-food company is the second largest burger chain in Canada. Ethan Brown, CEO of Beyond Meat, recently spoke to Forbes about the new collaboration. “We’ve always focused on making this product available to the largest number of people irrespective of socioeconomic status or geographic location,” he explained. “We want to be available in as many places as possible. Being in A&W Canada puts us a step closer to that goal.”

Beyond Meat is on a mission to go global. In May, it was announced that the vegan company had partnered with distributors across Europe, UAE, Taiwan, South Africa, Canada, and Mexico, after selling more than 11 million of the burger since its initial launch back in 2016. “Reflecting rapid demand growth in the United States and sustained interest from international markets, we’ve taken steps to significantly increase our production capacity,” Brown said in a statement.

From LiveKindly

The Beyond Burger is a vegan burger praised by meat-eaters and vegans alike for being nearly indistinguishable from an animal-based patty. Food politics aside, this latest move by the company offers fast food patrons a more compassionate option and normalizes vegan food in an industry known for its cruelty. If even a fraction of A&W patrons choose the Beyond Burger over their regular choice, it will be a win for the animals.

Support local businesses in your area that are serving vegan options like the Beyond Burger. In Nanaimo, you can find it at Coach and Horses and Baby Salsa. We are also fortunate to have a growing number of vegan businesses serving up delicious food including The Very Good Butchers and The Bandwagon Food Truck.

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