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Ernie Approved Thanksgiving Menu

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Thanksgiving will soon be here and with it, the age old question of what to serve for dinner in order to really give thanks for the earth’s bounty. Should we kill another sentient being who just happens to be a turkey? Ernie says no!

Who’s Ernie? Ernie is a commercial turkey who was rescued before he was killed and made into some person’s dinner, and has been living on Gabriola Island for the last number of years.

Ernie had a chance to show off his huge personality and perfect timing during the filming of a Gabriola Island News report (link will be updated when available).

So back to what to eat this Thanksgiving! Enjoy an Ernie approved (vegan and delicious!) festive menu provided by Angela Liddon, the author of the very popular cookbook Oh She Glows:

For more inspiration about respecting turkeys and alternative meals for Thanksgiving, please check out the following:

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and may you spread peace through compassion to all beings!

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