Gabriola Vegeteers

Animal Activism Takes Many Forms


Just recently, at Gabriola’s annual Isle of the Arts Festival, members of the Vegeteers put on two workshops: 1) Making your own Soymilk and Tofu, and 2) Green Cuisine: Make & Enjoy a Plant-Base Meal. We had great fun at our workshops, and enjoyed sharing many delicious things. The participants were eager to learn. The de-mystifying of soymilk and tofu was eye-opening for those participants. At the Green Cuisine workshop, the participants got to see the preparation of, and taste, five different recipes including a breakfast pudding, raw food flax crackers, hummus (including a way to dress up the crackers and hummus as an appetizer), a hearty stew, and nice cream for dessert. We were so happy to hear that our enthusiasm and passion for plant-based cooking was inspiring to the participants.

The day following the Green Cuisine workshop, we were very surprised to receive an inquiry about catering for 30-40 people at a Buddhist retreat! We’re not there yet, but are happy to help whenever and however we can!

2 thoughts on “Animal Activism Takes Many Forms

  1. Thank you to the Vegeteers for an excellent workshop. Subsequently I got some Vegan cookbooks out of the library. Have made the Chia pudding which is delicious & super easy to prepare,
    Looking forward to learning more.
    Sorry I missed the Soymilk/Tofu class. Shall look for it another time.
    You are a great bunch!

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