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The “GOOD SHEPHERD” Pie: A New Holiday Tradition

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By Aileen McMillan and Sigrid Bjarnason

Holidays are times of family tradition and food seems to be at the very heart of those traditions so when we change our eating habits we need to comfort ourselves with a brand new tradition that has special meaning for us.

At our houses, we have decided to become Good Shepherds of animals. Since we got to know a turkey named Ernie personally, we can no longer pop his relative in the oven and serve him up with all the fixings.

Instead, we’ve started the tradition of preparing a delicious shepherd pie made of lentils and other plants. That way, we can be Shepherds–by protecting farmed animals from harm–while honouring the hopes for peace and joy so often expressed at this time of year.

This dish travels well so it can either be enjoyed at home or taken to a potluck or family dinner and eaten with gusto along with any side vegetables or salads on hand.


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